The post’s title is from the infamous quote “The Blood of the Martyrs is seed (of the Church)” by the Church Father Tertullian.  The painting is by Jean-Léon Gérôme in 1883 entitled “The Christian Martyrs Last Prayer.”

The painting  is also depicted in the 1951 movie “Quo Vadis.”  At the hands of the emperor Nero, many early Christians were persecuted in the Roman coliseum.  To this day, a Mass is celebrated in the coliseum itself.

As I continue my studies, I will hope to post about many subjects on the faith.  While theology, philosophy, morality, etc will be blogged; I will also blog about great art through canvas, cinema, music, literature, etc.   Art is a great expression of the faith and with it we can better contemplate the depths of the faith.

I am aware blogging will expose me to criticism but I am open to it, and hopefully I can have the great faith that those early Christians did walking into the lions den (internet).