My personal grading system for film.  It is constructed to place a greater emphasis on artistic value and faith.  A very broad explanation:


Timeless (100) Movie will always be looked back on as a classic throughout history.

A+ (97-99) Film of utmost Excellence. Possible generational greatness, but overall it is one of the best.

A (93-96) Film of Excellence, highly regarded, no flaws in major areas of concern.

A-  (90-92) Film of Excellence with few flaws.

B+  (87-89) Very Enjoyable Film with some flaws which may include scenes/language better left out of the movie.

B (83-86) Enjoyable movie.  Average at best.

B-  (80-82) Slightly above satisfactory.

C+  (77-79) Satisfactory movie. Some nobility but issues with the overall film.

C  (73-76) Satisfactory film.  Issues compounded.  Has some decency and substance to it that may be worth viewing.

C- (70-72) Less than satisfactory.  Film contains at best one element that has a decent meaning to it.

D (60-70) A failure.  Possibly not unwatchable but not necessarily worth watching.

F  (0-59) An utmost failure.  Not worth wasting your time.

Points System

Production: 0 to 20 points

Script, Editing, Casting, Plot, Story, Natural/Studio Sets, Soundtrack, Historical Accuracy

Directing: 0 to 20 points

Artistic Element, Dramatic Element, Development of Story/Characters, Visual/Photography, Camera Angles, Imagery, Lighting

Acting: 0 to 20 points

Realistic Portrayal of Characters, Quality of Portrayal

Faith/Morality:  0 to 40 points

Virtue/Vice Context, Heroism, Expressions and Elements of Faith

Negative Content: 0 to -10 points

Language, Unnecessary Explicit Content