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The Star of Bethlehem is a 1 hour presentation by a Evangelical Lawyer who became interesting in the subject by coincidence.

The video is produced well but I find some issues with side content (claims of Job being the oldest book in the Bible and the Magi being Jewish decent).  The core of the video seems very credible and I have not found a rebuttal of it to date.  To the lawyer, the main issue is the science of astrology seems to prove a literal sense of specific scripture, specifically Revelation and the nativity in Luke.  To myself, it also adds another element that isn’t directly intended by the lawyer, that is Mary is the Ark of the Covenant and is given a status of prominence.

In the video, he makes the very correct assertion that the Virgin Mary is the woman in Revelation 12:1.  The verse directly preceding the vision of the woman is the vision of the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant in heaven.  The vision in heaven then is immediately followed by the woman who is most certainly Mary.  As Eve turned away form God, Mary said “let it be done to me.”  Mary is the new Eve, the “woman” in Gen. 3:15 who’s seed will crush the serpents head.  The serpent representing Satan who is then gain represented again in Revelation 12:3 as he is again persecuting the woman.

It can also be easily understood that Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant.  The vision of Mary appears directly after the old Ark, and Jesus to us is the High Priest, the Bread of Life, and the word become flesh; which were contained in the Ark of the old.  Put this with reading Luke 1:39-45 and 1 Sam. 6:1-2 and 2 Sam. 6:9-14 together and you have a very compelling argument for a prominence of Mary as the Ark.  Mary is to be the new Ark carrying the word, bread of life, and high priest that was “overshadowed” by the Lord.  Mary is “crowned” with stars as depicted in Revelation as well.  The twelve stars obviously representing the twelve tribes of Israel.  This is easily another reference to the Old Testament understanding of the Queen Mother and her role in the kingdom of David, the very kingdom that Christ comes back and established with Peter in Matthew 16:19.  (Read Matthew 16:18-19 with Isaiah 22: 21-22 and you will see very clearly Jesus is establishing Peter as the one “over the house” giving him another role (Prime Minister) in the kingdom.

Understanding the fullness of the Kingdom of David which is reestablished as the Church built by Christ on the apostles is so rich in scripture that having the natural science to complement it is very telling.  To a non-believer, this would be difficult to explain.  There is no way the apostles or even Christ himself (if he was merely historic as some claim and not God) could have aligned such a phenomenon.  The order to the solar system was in no state at that time that it is now.  It’s a testament that science is the work of God and it does not contradict scripture.  Also, that God would provide these symbols that we can even further believe should be able to strengthen everyone’s faith.  As the lawyer states, this shows that God had a plan from the beginning.  When he put the universe in motion from day one, this was already planned.  God is consistent and never changing.  How great a sign is it that Christ is the Messiah and that we see Christ through Mary who’s cooperation in the divine will brought us our Savior.