Today, as many of you know, was a national support Chick-fil-a day in light of the recent comments from their president Dan Cathy.  Cathy unabashedly threw his support towards traditional marriage and admitted that the company has donated to causes defending it.  His comments caused serious backlash from the left and even some government officials in Chicago and Boston have “strong discouraged” the restaurant from opening stores in their area.  The major of Chicago Rahm Emanuel even was quoted saying “Chick-fil-a’s values are not Chicago values.”


I recently was approached with the question, “should businesses declare their faith or beliefs in the public spectrum?”  I find myself driving down the road to an alternative store on many occasions because I am aware of some establishments who not only support, but encourage a sinful lifestyle.  Should business’s get caught up with the issues that divide us as citizens of this country?  My initial response was I didn’t think Chick-fil-a’s declaration was necessary.  They certainly are understood as a “Christian” enterprise, even though they do not consider themselves one.  The simple fact is they live by principles including good friendly service, a wholesome family atmosphere, non offensive background music, a good product, and of course they are closed on Sundays.  Does all this make a difference to people though?  Well, I just found out tonight that it does.

Coming from work, I arrived at Chick-fil-a at 7:30 pm and it was absolutely jammed with customers.  Lines out the door, cars waiting in opposing parking lots, etc.  I actually tried to wait it out in my car but an hour later it was still going strong.  The wife witnessed the same chaos I has a few hours earlier.  People at work found it to be as bad during lunch hour.  It seems it isn’t just at my local restaurant but all over the country.  People are rallying around the business and I am very encouraged at the sight.  Male, female.  Young, old.  Black, white.  You name it, they were there.

That led me to further questions though.  Where are these people on other issues?  Do we have to offer a chicken sandwich for people to get encouraged?  Should other businesses follow in these footsteps to rally the nation? Will this be reflected in the polls in November?  Anyone have an opinion?