With the economy still struggling, the unemployment rate the same as it was four years ago, and over 6 billion added to the deficit; Barack Obama is re-elected.  All the numbers, according to history, were stacked against him; yet here we are.  One has to wonder how this has come about.  Obama wins while supporting gay marriage, attacking religious freedom, and passing a social health care law that, determined by the Supreme Court, was a tax.  However, before we go one blaming others, just as these politicians make a living at, let us contemplate the issue.

It’s easy to want to point the finger at those who are less fortunate and rely heavily on government support.  Some intentionally, some not.  Before we blame anyone else, let us look in the mirror and blame ourselves.  The greatest strength of Obama was his ability to communicate his vision.  He was able to inspire people that worked unprecedentedly hard for him.  His “ground game” was second to none in history.  While the Catholic Church has recently spoken out much more loudly on many of the issues that the President supports, the Church’s efforts have fallen short; even amongst her own.

What seemed to be unthinkable just a mere 15 years ago for the Democratic party, now has become a reality.  The platform endorses gay marriage.  The platform attempts to eliminate the mention of God.  However, these issues have not come overnight.  For years these issues have been fought by those who were hungrier.  While they have made grounds, priests and laity alike remained silent.  Now these issues stare us right in the face and it is simply too little too late.

Don’t blame democrats.  Don’t blame the less fortunate.  Don’t blame the takers.  Don’t blame the media.  Blame yourselves.  The problem is nothing else but ourselves.  Do we even understand our own faith?  Are we capable of communicating that effectively to others?  Are we out in public life living a life of charity or too concerned with shielding ourselves from it?  Unless we start changing each individuals hearts, one by one, these issues will only grow.  Take a good look at the picture above.  More Americans accept or do not care very much about gay marriage, legalization of marijuana, abortion on demand, or the glorification of God.  They believe the President is the leader who will hear our cries and deliver us in our time of need.  Will we aid these people in their error or will we through charity show them the only glory to be sought is glory in the Almighty?

Stop complaining.  Stop listening to all the hatred.  Stop blaming everyone else.  Blame yourself.  Go out and change your heart so you can change others.  Otherwise, change will come, and it will ruin us.  Don’t put your faith in politicians.  Put your faith in God.  Glorify Him and never yourself.  In Christ, victory is ours, yet we have work that is left to be done.  The triumph of Christ will only come to those who endure to the end.